Weitian Tong (童伟钿)
Tenure-track Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Eastern Michigan University
511 Pray-Harrold, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Email: wtong.research@gmail.com
Phone (office): 734-487-1063

My research focuses on the efficient algorithms design (approximation algorithms and online algorithm in particular) in data science, operation research, and combinatorial optimization.

Selected publications are shown as follows and the complete publication list refers to Google Scholar.

Underlined Authors are/were my students. ‘∗’ indicates the corresponding author.

  1. X. Zhou, W. Tong, D. Li.
    Modeling housing rent in the Atlanta metropolitan area using textual information and deep learning.
    ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (IJGI). 8(8): 1 – 8 (2019). (Impact factor: 1.840)

  2. H. Zhang, W. Tong, G. Lin, and Y. Xu.
    Online minimum latency problem with traffic uncertainty.
    European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR). 273 (2): 418 – 429 (2019). (Impact factor: 3.428)

  3. W. Tong*, L. Li, X. Zhou, A. Hamilton, and K. Zhang.
    Deep learning PM2.5 concentrations with Bidirectional LSTM RNN.
    Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 1 – 13 (2019). (Impact factor: 2.662)

  4. W. Luo, Y. Xu, B. Gu, W. Tong, R. Goebel, and G. Lin.
    Algorithms for communication scheduling in data gathering network with data compression.
    Algorithmica, 80(11): 3158 – 3176 (2018). (Impact factor: 0.667)

  5. W. Tong, E. Miyano, R. Goebel, and G. Lin.
    An approximation scheme for minimizing the makespan of the parallel identical multi-stage flow-shops.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 734: 24 – 31 (2018). (Impact factor: 0.772)

  6. W. Tong*, L. Li, X. Zhou, and J. Franklin.
    Efficient spatiotemporal interpolation with Spark machine learning.
    Earth Science Informatics, 1 – 10 (2018) (Impact factor: 1.495)

  7. J. Dong, W. Tong, T. Luo, X. Wang, J. Hu, Y. Xu, and G. Lin.
    An FPTAS for the parallel two-stage flowshop problem.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 657: 64-72 (2017). (Impact factor: 0.772) (Co-first authors)
    ( Corrigendum to "An FPTAS for the parallel two-stage flowshop problem",
    J. Dong, J. Hu, M. Y. Kovalyov, G. Lin, T. Luo, W. Tong, X. Wang, Y Xu.

  8. W. Tong*, L. Chen, S. Buglass, W. Gao, and J. Li.
    An advanced private social activity invitation framework with friendship protection.
    Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 1-9 (2017). (Impact factor: 0.869)

  9. J. Hu, T. Luo, X. Su, J. Dong, W. Tong, R. Goebel, Y. Xu, and G. Lin.
    Machine scheduling with a maintenance interval and job delivery coordination.
    Optimization Letters (OPTL), 10(8): 1645-1656 (2016). (Impact factor: 1.013) <

  10. Z. He, Z. Cai, Q. Han, W. Tong, L. Sun, and Y. Li.
    An energy efficient privacy-preserving content sharing scheme in mobile social networks.
    Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Submission, 20(5): 833-846 (2016). (Impact factor: 2.395)

  11. H. Zhang, W. Tong, Y. Xu, and G. Lin.
    The Steiner traveling salesman problem with online advanced edge blockages.
    Computers & Operations Research (COR), 70: 26-38 (2016). (Impact factor: 2.962)

  12. W. Tong, R. Goebel, and G. Lin
    On the smoothed heights of Trie and Patricia index trees.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 609: 620-626 (2016). (Impact factor: 0.772)

  13. L. Huang, W. Tong, R. Goebel, T. Liu, and G. Lin.
    A 0.5358-approximation for Bandpass-2.
    Journal of Combinatorial Optimization (JOCO), 30: 612-626 (2015). (Impact factor: 0.927)

  14. H. Jiang, G. Lin, W. Tong, B. Zhu, and D. Zhu.
    Isomorphism and similarity for 2-generation pedigrees.
    BMC Bioinformatics, 16(Suppl 5): S7 (2015). (Impact factor: 2.213) (Alphabetical order)

  15. I. A. Kanj, G. Lin, T. Liu, W. Tong, G. Xia, J. Xu, B. Yang, F. Zhang, P. Zhang and B. Zhu.
    Improved parameterized and exact algorithms for cut problems on trees.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 607: 455-470 (2015). (Impact factor: 0.772) (Alphabetical order)

  16. H. Zhang, W. Tong, Y. Xu, and G. Lin.
    The graphic traveling salesman problem with online edge blockages.
    European Journal of Operational Research ( EJOR ), 243: 30-40 (2015). (Impact factor: 3.428)

  17. W. Tong, R. Goebel, T. Liu, and G. Lin.
    Approximating the maximum multiple RNA interaction problem.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 556: 63-70 (2014). (Impact factor: 0.772)

  18. W. Tong, R. Goebel, and G. Lin.
    Approximating the minimum independent dominating set in perturbed graphs.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 554: 275-282 (2014). (Impact factor: 0.772)

  19. Z. Chen, B. Fu, R. Goebel, G. Lin, W. Tong, J. Xu, B. Yang, Z. Zhao, and B. Zhu.
    On the approximability of the exemplar adjacency number problem for genomes with gene repetitions.
    Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), 550: 59-65 (2014). (Impact factor: 0.772) (Alphabetical order)

  20. W. Tong. Approximation algorithms under the worst-case analysis and the smoothed analysis. PhD Thesis, University of Alberta.